Seaways - October 2022

26 Sep 2022 Institute News

Her Majesty was Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets in the UK, illustrating a key grasp and understanding of these professions and their importance to the success and prosperity of every nation. Her role extended far beyond the pageantry that formalised her role as Head of State for many countries.

"The Nautical Institute will strive in its own way to continue to engage through our  international network, enhancing communication and support for seafarers worldwide"

Community and engagement
There is no doubt that the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has cast a shadow over the UK. The Nautical Institute has long-standing associations with The Royal Family; both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Princess Royal were appointed Honorary Fellows of The Nautical Institute and we were delighted to host Princess Anne at our Annual General Meeting and NI 50th Anniversary event in Plymouth during July.

Her Majesty was a superb ambassador for our community at every level and forged friendships and loyalty unmatched by many. Her efforts have helped foster harmonious international relations and encourage international engagement in ways that set us all a great example of respect and understanding. We are sad at her passing and will strive in our own way to continue to engage through our own international network in a positive way enhancing communication and support for each other.

50th Anniversary events
Our engagement and communication through the NI 50th events continues throughout October with special events planned in Liverpool and Rio de Janeiro. Great work by the branch teams have brought these to fruition on 13 and 21 October respectively and I hope if you are in the region, you will make every effort to attend and support these events.

We will also be holding our second ever Dynamic Positioning Global Training Providers event this year in Rio de Janeiro, just a few days before the Branch conference itself. Focusing on the offshore energy sector in this important conference will attract an international audience of keynote speakers and experts. The event is open to all with an interest in the Offshore Energy sector – especially in Brazil. Details for registration can be found here

We have already secured pledges of support, both technical and financial for our programme and I hope all of our Dynamic Positioning Operators and others with an interest in this region and sector will attend and exchange ideas and expertise.

Launch of a new Branch
Many of you will have seen the recent announcement of the launch of our branch in Germany. This is a great result brought about by the hard work of members in and around Hamburg in particular. It is fabulous that we have another regional point of contact with the maritime community – especially in an important maritime hub such as this. All of our branch officials are pivotal to the success of the branch and I thank you for the hard work that goes into making the branch a success. I know that many of you are supported in this endeavour by your employers, especially leading shipping companies and others in the maritime community. My thanks extends to them as well in helping nurture and develop our capability.

On board, online – and on the go
As well as engagement through the branches we are also seeking to reach out to our community, and in this case especially our members, through increased use of technology. We have recently enhanced our capability through your dedicated Nautical Institute App ‘Seaways’ so you can take us with you wherever you go!

Your upgraded NI member app offers you the opportunity to not only read Seaways magazine while you are on the go but also watch technical webinars, view the Institute’s latest news, read The Navigator agazine and access the full library of MARS reports from your phone or tablet.

What’s more, the app now allows you to nurture your career by recording and managing your CPD and browsing the latest short courses available from The Nautical Institute. Go to your app store and download the ‘Seaways’ NI member app today to join the 20% of members already embracing this communications route.