Kind Leadership Workshop

26 Jun 2024 Institute News

What a productive day we had last week at HMS President, attending the first Kind Leadership (KL) workshop co-organised by The Maritime Professional Council of The UK, The Nautical Institute and CHIRP Maritime!

Kindness is the key enabler that allows open, transparent and people-centric leadership practices which can have a hugely positive impact on safe and sustainable operations across the maritime industry...

During the interactive workshop delegates discussed how important it is to:

  • clearly define the attributes of Kind Leadership and where/how it adds value
  • integrate Kind Leadership in cadet and early career training and experiences
  • embed Kind Leadership in corporate practices and work towards shifting cultural attitudes to crew and staff management
  • take action to remove existing barriers to its natural adoption both on board and ashore
  • agree a set of actions and timelines for next steps and industry implementation

As MPCUK Vice Chair Capt John Lloyd FNI mentioned in his closing remarks, “Rules are not going to make the difference; people are going to make the difference … Change is in people; change is in us, and that’s the opportunity we now have.

A big thank you to Capt Steve Cameron FNI & Capt John Wright FNI for facilitating the workshop, Keynote speaker Capt Ritesh Prakashan from Zodiac Maritime), Prof Carole Davis NTF PFHEA SFSEDA (Prof. Emeritus @ Warsash Maritime School Solent University and KL Report Lead Author), Capt Dave Watkins FNI (Deputy Director, @ CHIRP Maritime), Capt Derek Chadburn and Hannah Kite MNI MPCUK Hon Secretary - and of course everyone who actively participated in the workshop.

This is just the beginning - big change is soon to come!