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Let's get positive - it's not all 'doom and gloom'!



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01 Jan 2009

Alert 19 - Recruitment

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01 Jan 2009

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01 Jan 2009

Recruitment & retention

Perceptions, experience & expectations

02 Sep 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility - a tool for recruitment and retention of seafarers

In December 2004, DNV Research group released a Technical Report: Corporate Social Responsibility in Shipping, which pointed out that while CSR has been raised higher on the agenda of most land-based industries, this has not been the case in the maritime sector.

12 Sep 2013

Go to sea! A campaign to boost shipping industry recruitment.

The global shortage of seafarers, especially officers, has already reached significant proportions and is now a source of genuine concern to all involved in the industry.

16 Sep 2013

Editorial (19)

The image of shipping is not good in the eyes of the general public, who rarely hear of any good news stories. Instead, they are informed of ships in difficulties in stormy weather, of freak waves, of groundings and of the subsequent pollution and its effect on the environment.