Issue 18 - Health and wellbeing

01 Sep 2008 Issue 18 HE Alert Bulletin

Look after your people - and they will look after you

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02 Sep 2013

Regional Seafarers' Welfare Development Programmes

The International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare (ICSW ) Regional Seafarers' Welfare Development Programme emphasises the establishment of National Seafarers' Welfare Boards (NSWB) and Port Welfare Committees (PWC).

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12 Sep 2013

It will never happen to me

I wonder how often we have had this reaction when we hear of a tragedy. Accidents happen to other people. We all comfort ourselves by thinking like this. If we didn't think like this we would never have had the courage to do anything!

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16 Sep 2013

Editorial (18)

As most shipboard systems depend on some level of human involvement, the human link is a potential frailty that needs to be managed, monitored and nurtured. Healthy, happy, well trained and motivated mariners are essential to the safe running and commercial efficiency of any ship.

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01 Sep 2008

Alert 18 - Health and wellbeing

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01 Sep 2008

The good guide to seafarer health, safety and wellbeing

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01 Sep 2008

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