All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 9

21 Jun 2015 The Navigator

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We are delighted and proud that The Navigator magazine was announced the winner of the ‘Investment in People’ Award at the 27th Seatrade Awards ceremony at Guildhall, London on 6 May. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this success possible.

I’ve been a reader of The Navigator since your first issue. When I embarked Hoegh Oslo, a 179.9m car carrier, one of a first things I looked for was the copy of the magazine. Though I read it while on vacation, it makes a difference for me to read it while I am onboard a ship, where I can see and apply the things that I’m reading. Long live The Navigator! Long live the seafarers!
Arvin Bryan Alejandro Third officer

I am a Filipino second officer, currently onboard a 3,990grt Norwegian Flag Chemical Tanker, trading only within the Baltic and North Sea area. As this is my first time trading in this area, I have only recently understood the meaning of the words ‘heavy weather’, ‘short voyage’, ‘ice navigation’ and, most especially, ‘winter’. Every issue of The Navigator is a new learning experience, with updated information about how the world of seafaring is changing and adapting to new technology. Thanks for the heads-up.
Dann B. Degano Second officer

The maritime industry is a multi-national business, which offers its workers the chance to interact with new people and to ‘touch’ a bit of each culture. But, at the same time, this can bring misunderstandings due to wrong communications. The flow and use of proper, standard words and sentences is highly recommended to keep up good and safe operations.
Martin A. Jimenez

I am a second mate onboard an oil tanker owned by Ardmore Shipping. I have a collective sea time in excess of five years and have always sailed on board tankers. The article on communications (issue 8) was very apt for our particular situation; we have SIX nationalities onboard, all speaking different languages! Being the MLC officer, I have made my copy of The Navigator available for the entire crew to read. I like to read the case studies and spend time applying the lessons learnt from them to modern day situations. Rakshit Shastri Second mate

I am a privately contracted security guard onboard Raffles Shipmanagement Services, MT Theresa Dumai, where I read the first issue of The Navigator. I joined this industry in 2011 and it has been a steep learning curve for me as my adult working life has been on shore. I pick up knowledge from all sources available be they the open sources on the internet, ship publications or courses. The Navigator is an interesting magazine that I enjoy reading. I like the articles on safety matters especially and have downloaded the free app on my phone. I have also got my team-mates to do likewise.
Suresh Kumar

I am currently serving onboard one of the OOCL’s (Orient Overseas Container Line) largest container ships. I am very active in reading The Navigator, especially the feedback and suggestions from seafarers. Lessons, learning and updated information about navigation are also highlights for me. I have both hard copies and the app for the latest issues at all times!
Ther Hwan Foong Second officer

I work on MV Hoegh Jacksonville. It’s a car carrier, trading worldwide. As a new officer, I found out many things by reading The Navigator, which I can apply on my ship. It serves as my guide as an officer and I can pass it on to our cadets onboard. Thank you.
Wilbert Salvatierra Third officer

I have presented all issues of The Navigator to my crew during our monthly meetings, because it contains information for young and old seafarers. Topics are straightforward and easy to understand.
Captain Wilfredo V. Amado

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