All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 34

28 Sep 2023 The Navigator

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All about AIS

Anyone keen to learn more about AIS and its impact on today’s navigators, is invited to take a look at the following resources. If you spot any broken links, or would like to suggest resources that we have not included here, please do get in touch!

AIS 101

An extremely useful website that offers a huge amount of information about AIS and how it works in clear, simple language. It’s also a great resource for technical information, AIS standards and FAQs. You can take a look at it here:

Intelligent information from IALA

Follow this link to the website of IALA – the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities. Here, you will find extensive information about aids to navigation, including AIS, and updates and insights around many related issues. Check it out:

Paltry PPU position predictor

“The pilot’s PPU was obtaining information from the vessel’s AIS, which was subject to GPS ‘smoothing’. As a result, the predicted vessel positions displayed on the PPU were not accurately reflecting the vessel’s future positions, but the pilot was unaware of this.” Check out this vessel grounding report on The NI’s website:

Spoofing on the high seas

This YouTube video looks at a spoofing experiment carried out by a radio navigation team from the Cockrell School’s Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering at the University of Texas. Find out how a custom-made GPS spoofing device was able to coerce a hypothetical 213-foot superyacht off its course. Check it out at:

AIS in America

Read up on the US Coast Guard requirements for AIS and make sure you are fully informed and up-to-date on this important issue. This comprehensive information centre also provides multiple vital resources for navigators and anyone with responsibility for maritime safety More information here:

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