202251 - Foot crushed during acrobatic manoeuvre

22 Nov 2022 MARS

The vessel was preparing to load a cargo of timber. The ship’s crew were arranging the stanchions on the ship side that would be used for the timber stow on deck. One upright got stuck and the deck crewman attempted to pull it free, keeping his left foot underneath the upright for leverage. His left foot got stuck between two uprights, resulting in a foot injury. He was taken to the ship’s hospital for treatment, put on light duties and recovered completely within two weeks.


Lessons learned

Much as in the previous MARS report, an ‘acrobatic’ manoeuvre was attempted with a view to getting the job done. This attitude is very common and easily leads to negative outcomes. We all want to get the job done, and we are usually hesitant to ask for help or fetch the right tool. The ‘ask for help’ reflex should be instilled in crew by the vessel leaders.