201926 Wet floor causes hard fall

23 Apr 2019 MARS 2019

Wet floor causes hard fall

A crew member had gone to the common toilet. After stepping out from the cubicle, he slipped on the wet floor. As he fell backwards his head hit the handle of the cubicle door and he fell unconscious. Shortly after the incident another crew member saw the victim sitting in a dazed state on the floor and noticed substantial amounts of blood. As the victim did not respond to questions, the assisting crew member raised the alarm. The injured man was helped out of the bathroom and first aid was administered. He was then sent to shore hospital for further medical attention.



Lessons learned

  • Keep washroom floors clean and dry.
  • Some lounge shoes or ‘flip-flops’ have very slippery soles when wet.
  • These should not be used in areas that are likely to become damp.