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10 Feb 2017

IMO accepts HE competencies framework

A comprehensive framework of competencies addressing the Human Element for marine professionals.

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14 Dec 2015

HE01365 - The Human Element in Ship Design

An introduction to the human element for those involved in the design of ships and their systems. Keywords: human element guide; human element issues; system hazards; ship design

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08 Dec 2015

HE01350 - A human element competence framework

Through the Alert! project, we have developed a series of human element competence templates for those who are responsible for: procuring, financing, specifying, designing and overseeing the build of a ship and its systems; operational, technical and people management; maritime education etc.

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03 Dec 2015

HE01355 - CentreSpreads

Issue No. 40 centrespread - Addressing the human element - together with associated centrespreads (23Mb file) Keywords: human element issues; system hazards; ship design

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02 Dec 2015

HE01360 - Alert! Index

An index to Alert! categorised under the considerations in the centrespread to Issue No. 40 centrespread. The main points from all the Alert! articles are bullet-pointed under each heading, so as to make it easier to find them from within the whole series of Alert! bulletins.

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01 Dec 2015

HE01370 - Commercial Pressures versus Safety at Sea: Also a matter of trust

This contribution was prompted by the publication of a recent casualty investigation report where, among other things, commercial pressure was identified as a possible cause of death of a seafarer. Keywords: commercial pressure; casualty investigation; seafarer death; risk

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01 Dec 2015

HE01375 - Simulation in Maritime Education and Training

In this short paper, Shahrokh Khodayari looks at various pragmatic aspects of the use of simulation in maritime education and training. Keywords: Education & training; simulation; convergent learning; situational awareness

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21 Aug 2015

HE01340 - Vessel Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Introduces vessel cybersecurity risk analysis and shows an example of its application to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) assets in the Integrated Bridge System of a vessel.

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17 Aug 2015

HE01335 - Maritime cybersecurity using ISPS and ISM codes

In this article Alejandro Gómez Bermejo presents some ideas to incorporate maritime cybersecurity policies, procedures and controls in vessel operations using the ISPS and ISM Codes. Keywords: security, ISPS, ISM, cybersecurity

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23 Apr 2015

HE01315 - Lives in peril: Seafarers health and safety at risk

An essay on seafarer health and safety Keywords: health, safety, accidents, fatigue, stress, mental illness

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