This online course supports the shipping community as it implements the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Resolution MSC.428(98) requiring shipping companies to address cyber risks in their Safety Management Systems (SMS).  

Successful completion of the course and certification from The Nautical Institute provides evidence of training to address cyber security risks under the IMO requirement.

Course Aims

This course is designed for all seafarers.  It explains the cyber challenges of today and what personal responsibilities you have to prevent a cyber-attack.

Training covers the key cyber risks affecting the maritime industry, showing how cyber threats can impact seafarer roles and the safety of life at sea, including:

  • What maritime cyber security is and how it affects everyone on board. 
  • Why managing cyber risk is not just for the IT department.
  • What cyber threats can affect ships?
  • How to manage cyber risk effectively onboard ships?

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to download your certificate of completion under the completed courses list.

Course duration

The Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers course is offered in three modules. Each module takes approximately three hours to complete. The module is composed of video content, supplementary reading material, and a 20-question self-test.


Module 1 

Training in baseline cyber security awareness that is suitable for all crew members. No prior knowledge of the topic is needed.

Learning objectives:

  • Raise seafarer awareness of cyber security challenges in shipping
  • Help seafarers identify potential cyber risks in ship operations
  • Educate seafarers on how to report cyber incidents and implement cyber best practices.


  • Establishing context: why care about cyber?
  • Defining cyber security: understanding what cyber security is
  • Cyber risks: the who, what, where, when, why, and how?
  • Common threats
  • The human factor, trust factors, and driving behavioural change
  • Cyber security best practices: identifying and reporting a cyber breach
  • Maritime cyber security scenarios.


How to buy the Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers Course

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Fees: £70.00 (indotructory offer - usually £90.00) +VAT if applicable

Once you have made the payment, you will receive confirmation from The Nautical Institute, and your details will be sent through to MarineLS to register you to the course. An email from MarineLS will come through shortly after with the link to the course login page. You will need to use the forgotten password option on the login page to set up your password and once this has been setup, you will be able to login and undertake the course.

About the course providers...


HudsonCyber is a global leader in delivering trusted cyber risk management services and training to the global shipping industry. Its team combines decades of experience with best in class technologies to design and deliver practical and sustainable cyber security and cyber risk management solutions to clients around the world. Clients span the global maritime industry including ports; terminal operators; commercial shipping; oil and gas companies; flag states; insurance companies and government bodies.
The Nautical Institute

The Nautical Institute works for best practice in maritime, drawing on the expertise of its 7,000 senior officer and shore staff members and other experts around the world. Its publications, courses and recognition schemes are widely acknowledged as industry standards. It is an NGO at the IMO and represents its members at other industry groups across the maritime sector.

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