The Nautical Institute's 50th Anniversary Conference, Singapore

01 Sep 2022 09:00 AM Suntec City Convention Centre, Singapore Conference Singapore

The Nautical Institute Singapore Branch will be hosting its annual Nautical Institute Singapore Conference on Thursday, 1 Sept 2022 at the Suntec City Convention Centre. Themed ‘Navigating Through the Digital Age Towards a Green Future’, the full-day conference will see a gathering of the maritime industry’s professionals.

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About the conference

The conference will discuss current navigational practices used onboard modern merchant vessels and the challenges that will be faced in the future as technology develops. It will also investigate how the industry will keep pace with these developments when considering new systems, the training of seafarers and the development of adequate skills, the expected shortage of seafarers in the future as well as the consequences that could result from improper use of systems on board.

Event Agenda


Conference Program


The conference will see industry professionals share their thoughts and views on current navigational practices and its evolution to adapt to the increasing digitalisation in shipping. 

Join us in our lively discussion and debate to be the industry’s voice to promote safe navigation amid the rapidly changing landscape of our industry.   

Session 1: Navigation on the Modern Bridge - This will review current navigation practices used on board merchant ships today and will discuss how developing technology, high speed digital communication systems, positioning systems and autonomous bridge systems will change the way the ships are navigated in the future. The session will also include passage planning and bridge team management.

Session 2: The Mariner and the Law – This session will look at the current collision regulations and ask if the regulations are still adequate for merchant vessels navigating in the digital age with autonomous ships now becoming a reality. The session will also look at some of the legal aspects related to incidents that occur on ships, such as criminalisation of seafarers, collision liability and issues arising from poor shipboard procedures such as inadequate passage planning.

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Session 3:  Green Shipping (How Green is my Shipping) – This session will consider the current requirements that are driving shipping towards decarbonisation and a greener operating environment. It will also consider topics such as alternative fuels, ballast water management and the recycling of ships.

Session 4: Shaping the Future Navigator (Gen Alpha) – This session will look specifically at issues that revolve around the modern-day navigator on a digital ship. Topics to be discussed will include relevant training and certification, MLC changes (acceptance in June by ILO, in-force by Dec 2024), manning and the retention of experienced navigators at sea as well as dealing with and understanding and operating modern bridge systems

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