Li-Ion Battery Fires in Vehicle Cargoes

04 Jul 2022 06:15PM - 08:00PM HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, London, UK Joint Informal Meeting UK/London

The London Branch of The Nautical Institute is proud to host its first joint informal meeting (JIM) of the year on 4 July, to discuss the increasingly urgent matter of Li-Ion battery fires on vehicle carriers.

A panel of speakers will tackle the issue from a range of angles and determine what actions the maritime community can take to dampen the alarming trend in spontenuous fires at sea, prevent future incidents, and improve crew readiness and training.

Speakers TBC but will include:

Dr Andy Beale | COO Maritime Security & Training, Wavetrain

Paul Markham | Power & Energy Risk Engineer, Wavetrain

Ross Millar | Loss Prevention Associate, Steamship Mutual


This is an informal technical seminar designed to encourage debate and interaction.  It is free and open to both NI Members and Non-Members, and a complimentary drink is available on arrival.  Please note this is a hybrid event but physial attendance is encouraged.

To register, for joining details, and to learn more about HCMM's monthly maritime JIMs visit, or contact the Branch Programme Secretary, Gordon Lowe, at