London Branch - Fires on Containerships Conference

22 Apr 2021 09:00AM - 06:00PM HQS Wellington, Temple Stairs, London Branch UK/London

Following our seminar on containership firefighting, we aim to identify solutions needed to make ships and crew safer.

Misdeclaration remains a major challenge, but even cargoes stowed in accordance with the IMDG Code start fires, while others have the potential to enhance the speed at which the fire spreads.

Though containerships have significantly increased in size, SOLAS firefighting and protection regulations have not evolved at the same pace, leaving crews facing major challenges with resources on board.

We will explore the challenges, seeking ideas and innovation for the near and longer term, asking:

  • How should the IMDG Code develop?
  • Are regulations fit for purpose?
  • What are the challenges of planning containership stows?

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