Blockchain for Maritime Decision-makers

Blockchain and Digital Transformation strategies to turbocharge your business future. Delivered using the latest interactive learning tools such as guided workshops, demonstrations and much more - this course is specifically designed to support your professional development...

Benefits for you and your company

  • A firm understanding of the key concepts behind blockchain and build your confidence to ask the right questions that can help unleash business value.
  • Learn to apply an original framework (NEF*) to evaluate blockchain uses in your maritime business. 
  • A deep appreciation of the Digital Transformation phenomenon and its drivers and tools in business. Moreover, you will experience the process of co-creation (customer journey map) and learn to revisit your business model using the lens (Business Canvas).
  • Strategies for successful blockchain implementation and support you to develop your personal development plan (DigitalYou**). Furthermore, you will be given access to tools and an exclusive network to keep you updated.
  • Upon successful completion of the two-day course, you will receive a certificate of completion from The Nautical Institute.

Who should participate?

The Blockchain for Maritime Decision Makers (BMD) Program is designed for decision-makers within the extended value chain of the maritime industry (e.g. shipowners, shipmanagers, classification societies, manning agents, charterers, port authorities, regulators, logistics & supply chain etc.) who are responsible for future business growth.

The Program assumes that the participant has little or no knowledge of the topic and uses simple language to explain the technical jargon. The Program’s focus is to assist the participant with not only understanding the strategic implications of blockchain technology but also to give the participant a personal 'starter kit' in implementing change.

This Program is also suitable for those who are within the corporate innovation or venturing divisions and associated with the maritime industry or those experienced maritime professionals considering entrepreneurship.

Companies are also encouraged to participate in teams. The core members of the team responsible for formulating and implementing strategy / business transformation are eligible for this course. Group incentives are available.

Meet our panel of instructors

Mr Anjaney Borwankar
Mr Anjaney Borwankar

Co-founder & Chief Strategist, Navozyme

Anjaney Borwankar (Anjan) is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned business executive with over two decades of management experience. He is a thought leader on Digital Transformation and Blockchain and a regular speaker at leading conferences worldwide. 

Anjan co-founded Navozyme, a Singapore headquartered technology company dedicated to  enhancing lives in the maritime sector via proprietary blockchain enabled platforms. Navozyme is leading several transformative blockchain pilots in Europe and Asia.

Anjan has a Blockchain Strategy and FinTech Certification from Oxford University (Said Business School).

Prof. Giulio Toscani
Prof. Giulio Toscani

Professor of Data-driven Leadership, Centrum Business School, Lima Ranepa Presidential Academy, Moscow

An expert on the subjects of Leadership and Disruptive Innovation by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Toscani caters to the board of companies, academic and various not-for-profit institutions.

He has an MBA, and a PhD in Management from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and is involved in research projects on Machine Learning and CEO mindset. Prof. Toscani has also published in leading publications like Marketing Intelligence and  Planning,  Journal of Non-Profit and Public Sector Marketing etc.

Leonardo Zangrando
Leonardo Zangrando

Founder and Managing Director, Startup Wharf Ltd., UK

Mr. Leonardo Zangrado is a Naval Architect and an MBA. After a career in Shipbuilding where he spearheaded several innovative ship design and shipbuilding practices, he transitioned to the business side of Shipping and Logistics where he managed acquisitions and operational re-organisations of port container terminals.

Since 2009 he has  contributed to the development of the Lean Startup culture for digital entrepreneurship and digital innovation in large organisations. Mr. Zangrando designed a hands-on training methodology for startups to learn-by-doing the startup development process, and developed blended learning material.


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