Welcome to the Greece (Hellenic) Branch of The Nautical Institute!

The Hellenic Branch was established in 1996 by Capt Robert Kieran.  After a period of gradual growth and development the branch was re-launched in 2016 with a drive to involve professionals from a broader spectrum of the Greek maritime community.  Since then the branch has expanded its membership and diversified its activities with considerable vigour, and remains a cornerstone of NI engagement in the Mediterranean.

The branch is open to professionals from across the mainland, archipelagos and maritime neighbours.

Among its annual activities are technical workshops and lectures, engagement of maritime academies and educational institutions, debates on issues concerning both naval and merchant communities, and the forming of collective responses to challenges and opportunities faced by members and other key stakeholders in Greece and the wider region - and, occasionally, representation at major industry fairs and forums such as Posidonia.

With regular events and socials coming up, please do get involved - we would love to see you!



2016: NIHB members reactivation meeting




NI HB committee with CEO of The Nautical Institute and Deputy Head of NI Academy during dinner at Yacht Club restaurant of Palaion Faliron at Marina Floisvos,Greece