The vital work undertaken by seafarers lies at the heart of the world's battle to beat the Coronavirus. This page is designed to provide you with targeted resources and information to help you address the specific challenges posed by COVID-19 to the maritime community. We hope you find it useful.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Current IMO guidance on Coronavirus can be found here.


Update 29/04/2021: The Nautical Institute issue a template letter to authorities for Seafarer crisis here.


Update 16/10/2020: Anglo-Eastern issue a new video 'Seafarers Are Key Workers'


Update 24/09/2020: Singapore Shipping Association issues Crew Change Guidebook here.


Update 07/09/2020: International Chamber of Shipping release Protocols to Mitigate the Risks of Cases On Board Ships.


Update 07/09/2020: IMO issues circular with WHO guidance to promote public health measures on cargo ships and fishing vessels.

Circular Letter No.4204-Add.28


Update 30/07/2020: Vistrato has produced the following guide in partnership with the DBTG and Intercargo: A guide to Ship/Shore Interactions during Solid Bulk Operations 


Update 29/06/2020: Steamship Mutual have released a series of videos entitled "Protection on Board" to view these click on the links below:

1. Stay Safe on Board

2. Mental resilience on Board

3. Protection on Board


Update 11/06/2020: Public Health England offer guidance on how to wear and make a cloth face mask here.


Update 01/06/2020: Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers - issued by the International Chamber of Shipping here.


Update 28/05/2020: IMO - UN agencies call for urgent action on crew changes and keyworker designation for sea and air workers here.


Update 20/05/2020: Marine Media Enterprises release a new film on Mental Resiliance on Board, which you can watch for free here.


Update 15/05/2020: International Chamber of Shipping share guidance to help protect the health of seafarers (and passengers) as well as the general public here.


Update 07/05/2020: IMO share cirular on Recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic here.



Update 06/05/2020: International Association of Oil and Gas Producers issues safety alert on Alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

Safety Alert.pdf


Update 30/04/2020: The International Chamber of Shipping have a dedicated webpage with up to date information on coronavirus here.


Update 27/04/2020: ABS Launches Guidance Aimed at Sanitizing Marine and Offshore Assets Exposed to COVID-19 here.


Update 24/04/2020: Personal message from IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim to seafarers

17 4 2020 IMO SEC-GEN


Update 21/04/2020: Maritime safety expert Dr Nippin Anand PhD FNI of Novellus Solutions and David Patraiko FNI, Director of Projects at The Nautical Institute take a deep dive into the fundamental beliefs that underpin our understanding and approach to managing risk.


Update 21/04/2020: Two members of CHIRP Maritime Dr. Sue Stannard and Dr. Claire Pekcan have contributed advisory papers, on medical and psychological aspects relating to seafarers currently trapped on board during this pandemic. Read them below:

Covid-19 psycology and welfare .pdf Trapped on board April 2020 .pdf


Update 20/04/2020: The European Commision have compiled a great deal of information regarding travel and transaportation regarding Coronavirus, you can see this here. The PDF is under this section is specifically relevant to the maritime inudstry Facilitating the free movement of workers, helping cruise ship passengers and crews here.


Update 20/04/2020: IMO and port State inspection authorities set pragmatic approach to support global supply chain here.

Customs and ports urged to maintain flow of critical goods during pandemic here.


Update: 16/04/2020: Steamship Mutual have released a film called "Coronavirus - Stay Safe on Board", read the circular and watch the film here.


Update 14/04/2020: Jillian Carson-Jackson FNI, Senior Vice-President of The Nautical Institute and David Patraiko FNI, Director of Projects, discuss how the COVID-19 lockdown provides us with an opportunity to grow professionally.


Update 14/04/2020: The International Group of P&I clubs has launched a new online digital tool (dashboard) to assist shipowners, charterers, operators and other parties in the maritime sector to track country and port specific advice, detailing the measures being put in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic here.


Update 13/04/2020: OCIMF share best practice precautions for carrying out the pre-transfer conference during the COVID 19 Pandemic here.


Update 09/04/2020: The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued important guidance to support the shipping industry in its essential role of ensuring that essential goods and commodities, such as energy, food and medical supplies, can be carried to the world during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Read more here.


Update 09/04/2020: The World Health Organisation offers recommendations on the rational use of personal protective equipment in health and home care settings here.


Update 08/04/2020: Director of Publications and Membership - Bridget Hogan interviews The Nautical Institute President Nick Nash about Coronavirus and the impact it has had on the maritime industry.


Update 08/04/2020: Informatino from Helse Bergen University, for officers who are responsible for medical treatment on board ships and mobile offshore units can be found here.


Update 07/04/2020: The Nautical Institute is formally endorsing the following crowdfunding initiative: Emergency Support for developing world seafarers who have been severely impacted by the Coronavirus pandemicollowing crowdfunding initiative. You can see the progress of the fundraising or donate here. 


Update 07/04/2020: NI Senior Vice-President Jillian Carson-Jackson FNI talks with master mariner Peter Martin FNI about why maritime matters and how to stay healthy and happy onboard. View more thought-provoking videos from Jillian at Maritime Matters - The Maritime Professional during Covid 19.


Update 02/04/2020: The Nautical Institute CEO, John Lloyd answers questions from Director of Projects, David Patraiko on how the coronavirus crisis has affected the maritime industry.


Update 31/03/2020: IMO issues Preliminary list of recommendations for Governments and relevant national authorities on the facilitation of maritime trade during the COVID-19 pandemic

Circular Letter No.4204-Add.6 - Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Preliminary List Of Recommendations For Governments And Re (1).pdf


Update 27/03/2020: BIMCO have collated all current restrictions for crew here.


Update 26/03/2020: InterManager news release Thanking our seafarers. Read it here.


Update 26/03/2020: ISWAN have released a video with guidance for seafarers on how to manage their mental health during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch it here. 


Update 25/03/2020: IMO issues statement on operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases/outbreak onboard ships. 

Circular Letter No.4204-Add.3 .pdf


Update 24/03/2020: A joint open letter to United Nations agencies from the global maritime transport industry can be found in the following pdf:



Update 20/03/2020: UK Government designates seafarers as key workers, read the Nautilus International article here.


Update 19/03/2020: Seagull Maritime and Videotel have launched a new programme called: "Coronavirus - How to Beat it" Available free for the maritime industry here.


Proper Hand Washing Technique


IMO Circular Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Guidance relating to the certification of Seafarers 

IMO Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance relating to the certification of seafarers