International Reports on incidents occured in the Polar region.

Vega Sagittarius (August 2012) - Ship ran aground about one hour after sailing from Nuuk, Greenland. Though the situation seemed normal to the bridge team, the margin for the accidental events to appear had been narrowed considerably before the grounding.
The different tasks of the members of the bridge team had been loosely defined. The presence of drifting ice bergs presented an uncommon concern to the bridge crew and the watch keeping officer reacted in an instinctive manner. He decided to turn the vessel on the basis of the information available on the ECS and the view from the bridge window.
Download the Danish MAIB Report HERE

Explorer (Nov 2007) - The report of the investigation says the master was "under the mistaken impression that he was encountering first-year ice when in fact was much harder land ice... The master of the Explorer was very experienced in Baltic waters but he was unfamiliar with the type of ice he encountered in Antarctic waters. The master should have altered course to open water and not have entered the ice field during darkness. However, once he had entered the ice field and approached the wall of ice there is no indication that he reduced the Explorer's speed as he approached and then made contact with the wall of ice.
Download the Liberian Investigation Report HERE