Captain Paul Drouin, FNI, was appointed as Editor of MARS in May 2013, a job he fulfills on a part time basis from his home or from his various sea postings worldwide. Captain Drouin is also principal of SafeShip, a small marine consulting firm specializing in safety culture seminars and marine investigations.

Captain Drouin graduated from the Canadian Coast Guard College in 1981. After 17 years on various coast guard ships as Mate and Master, Captain Drouin then worked for over a decade as a marine accident investigator. He also spent several years as ship inspector and examiner of masters and mates with Transport Canada. Presently, Captain Drouin has returned to sea on various postings.

During his more than 10 years as marine accident investigator with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, Paul became acutely aware of the importance of reporting accidents and incidents to further lessons learned and promote a safer marine industry. He brings this passion and vision to the MARS mandate