Seaways Focus - July 2024

26 Jun 2024 Seaways

A hunger for learning

by John Lloyd FNI Chief Executive, The Nautical Institute 

As the leading professional institute in the maritime sector, it is really important that we at The Nautical Institute maintain our focus on our core objectives of sharing information and knowledge and providing opportunities for our community to become safer and more effective maritime professionals.

This is achieved through a hunger for further learning and development. Indeed, our whole Strategic Plan is built around the framework of professional development. There are several ways we aim to support our members in this area, including the great work being undertaken in The Nautical Institute Academy. We offer short courses covering a whole range of technical development areas – you can see upcoming courses listed opposite, and you can learn more here. Many of these courses are in areas where best practice is already well-established, but we also work hard to ensure our courses are addressing emerging and contemporary needs.

With the ongoing discussions around alternative fuels, it is important our community is focused on the key issues. We are delighted to have worked with specialists in the area to develop a short course that provides insights into the need and expectations surrounding ‘Green Fuels’ and the impact of greenhouse gases from shipping on our climate and the actions we can take. The course also provides key insights into safety matters and best practices to be considered in the handling of these next generation fuels. This is a course unique in the industry, providing valuable insights and helping keep The Nautical Institute at the forefront of contemporary maritime issues.

Of course, we are a people-based industry and it is essential that our senior colleagues have the management and leadership skills to deliver on their responsibilities effectively. Like any other attribute, expertise in these areas is something that needs support to develop. We are delighted to be working with the support and collaboration of The Seafarers’ Charity to offer a scholarship scheme for courses providing development in this area to the whole maritime community by distance learning. 

The Seafarers’ Charity fund our Scholarship Scheme, giving course participants the opportunity to develop their professional capabilities above and beyond those required by STCW, through an internationally accredited course that combines academic rigour with practical application and practice. We are proud to offer these development opportunities and to be able to provide support for those less able to fund full fees themselves.

Nautical Institute publications are another great resource to support personal and professional development. With a great library of books, journals and other resources, we provide superb maritime references in both hard copy and through our website and other media.

Our soon-to-be-released Mentoring at Sea is a great support tool for those at sea, helping them transfer their knowledge, skills and understanding to others. Our President, Captain André LeGoubin FNI has worked tirelessly on this new edition and I encourage you to take a look.

At a more technical level we are also launching our Simulation Instructors Handbook. Former President Jillian Carson-Jackson FNI has outstanding experience in this area. Running simulators is much more than understanding the technology. It is also about learning and assessment as well as exercise design, fidelity and consistency.

And finally, I am thrilled to welcome Captain Trevor Bailey FNI to his role as our President. I look forward to the innovation and energy he will bring to the role, and to being able to draw upon his outstanding experience gained over many years in the industry.

This is also an opportunity to record my thanks to Captain André LeGoubin for his outstanding contribution over the past two years. He has travelled and engaged extensively during his Presidency and had a real impact at many levels.

Welcome and thank you to each in turn.