Transport Canada Guidance

Guidelines for the Operation of Passenger Vessels in Canadian Arctic Waters - TP 13670 E
The objective of these Guidelines is to assist cruise operators, and their agents, in the planning of Arctic cruises and in making contact with all relevant Canadian government authorities well in advance to ensure that all the required publications are on board the ships and have been studied before entering Canadian Arctic waters and that the operation complies with all applicable regulations.

Arctic Ice Regime Shipping System (AIRSS) Standards - TP 12259 E
Through the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act (AWPPA) of 1970, the Government of Canada enforces its responsibility for ensuring that navigation in the Arctic waters is controlled so as to preserve and protect the sensitive northern ecosystem.

The Arctic Ice Regime Shipping System (System) has been developed to enhance the safety and efficiency of shipping operations in the Canadian Arctic. It characterizes the relative risk which different ice conditions pose to the structure of different ships.
The System emphasizes the responsibility of the Master for the safety of the ship, and provides a more flexible framework to assist in decision-making. It requires a higher level of experience for ice navigators, and full use of available ice information. 

User Assistance Package for the Implementation of Arctic Ice Regime Shipping System - AIRSS (1998) - TP 12819 E
The User Assistance Package presents all the important components of the Arctic Ice Regime Shipping System for Canadian Arctic waters, and explains how the system can be used by mariners to increase safety and efficiency. It is intended to provide useful reminders to experienced operators, and guidance to others on how to prepare for Arctic voyages where ice will be encountered.