Behavioural Competency Assessor

The Nautical Institute's Onboard Competency Assessor Course has been designed to provide industry guidance on competency assessment. This course is aimed at person/s conducting competency based assessments of seafarers on board vessels.

The Nautical Institutes' Behavioural Competency Assessor Online Course has been designed to provide industry guidance for participants and offers support and direction to participants who carry out assessments onboard vessels under voyage conditions.

The course is delivered online over five consecutive days. At the end of the course, candidates will be required to complete an exam and assessment. Candidates who successfully complete the course, exam and assessment will be awards The Nautical Institute's Behavioural Competecy Assessor Certificate of Completion. 


Who is the course suitable for?

It is recommended that participants have experience in senior management on board ships or office staff ashore performing onboard assessments.

Applications will also be considered from applicants who can demonstrate an equivalent level of professional service/experience in the maritime sector.

Aims and Objectives

This course takes an indepth look into the technical and behavioural aspects when conducting an onboard assessment.

Candidates will (upon completion of this course) be able to show: 

  • An understanding of the context and need for behavioural competency assessment
  • Indepth knowledge of the behavioural competency assessment process and the criteria for an assessment  
  • Self-reflection and assessment of individual skills as an assessor
  • Develop tools required to carry out an effective behavioural assessment on board

Major Topics

A wide range of topics are included within the course, the topics listed below are included in all Behavioural Competency Assessor courses, however depending on candidate experience the course may include additional topics not mentioned below.

  • Why we need to assess behavioural competency?
  • Methods to assess behaviour and personality
  • Goals and objectives of behavioural competence assessments
  • Understanding specific behavioural competencies
  • Carrying out an effective behavioural competency assessment
  • Choice of assessment environment/task/operation/exercise
  • Traits of a successful behavioural competence assessor
  • Understanding myself (assessor)
  • Effective communication Skills
  • Decoding body language
  • Factors which will determine success
  • Overcoming hurdles


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