Marine Incident Investigation

Get ready to take the next step in your career with The Nautical Institute's Marine Incident Investigation Course.

Created for participants who engage in investigation of marine incidents and accidents, The Nautical Institute's Marine Incident Investigation course is an ideal course to help you expand your skills and knowledge of incident investigation. Focusing on techniques to help manage the process of an investigation, the course will give candidates in depth knowledge on preparing for an investigation, the investigation process itself, reporting, analysis and effectively communicating the outcomes and/or recommendations that stem from it. 

The course content is aligned with the principles of the IMO Assembly Resolution, A.849 (20) and A.884 (21), and the Code for the Investigation of Marine Casualties and Incidents.  

Course overview

The course looks at the following modules in depth. 

Module 1   

Background and objectives of Marine Incident Investigation
Relevant Definitions

Module 2

Relevant Guidelines
Incident Investigation process

Module 3

The Human Element – looking into human performance and human error

Module 4

Planning & Preparing for Investigation

Module 5

Collecting Evidence 

Module 6

Analysis Stage 1: Data Structuring
Analysis Stage 2: Cause Analysis

Module 7

Incident Investigation Report
Actions to avoid recurrence / Follow-up

Aims and objectives

Upon successful completion of the Marine Incident Investigation Course, participants will be able to demonstrate competence in: 

  • Understanding the reasons behind carrying out an investigation
  • How to collect physical and human evidence
  • Interview techniques
  • Understanding Causes of incidents and accidents
  • Understanding The human element
  • Conducting an accident/Incident Investigation
  • Analysing, root causes, using tools and techniques
  • Evaluation, report writing and follow up of an incident/accident

The Marine Incident Investigation Course is delivered in four-hour sessions over four days. 

Course dates and times can be found on the right hand side of his page.  

Assessment and certification

here is an individual assessment for this course. The assessment will cover: 

  • Continuous assessment of participation in practical exercise scenarios during the course
  • Successful completion of the theoretical exam at the end of the course 

Please note: Participants must successfully complete both items in order to be awarded a certificate of completion for the Marine Incident Investigation Course. 

Candidates who attend the Marine Incident Investigation and Analysis course will receive a Nautical Institute Certificate of Completion. To attain the certificate candidates must:-

  • Attend the course in full, and
  • Complete and pass the assignment and exam, achieving a minimum of 70%.