Introduction to Shipping

Step into the shipping world with our Introduction to Shipping course...

Benefit from the experience and expertise of a leading professional organisation that understands the complex infrastructure of the shipping industry as a whole.

The Nautical Institute’s online Introduction to Shipping course is delivered for six hours spread over two days and is designed to give newcomers to the maritime industry a basic understanding of the vessels, the stakeholders and how they interact.

Course overview

The major topics discussed are:

  • What is shipping?
  • Type of vessels
  • Ship and Shore organization / hierarchy
  • Commonly used shipping terms
  • Functionality of logistic chain
  • Members of maritime cluster
  • Basics of commercial shipping and marine insurance
  • Demolition industry 
  • Seafarers right to protection
  • Innovation and challenges in shipping
Aims and objectives

To provide the participants with the opportunity to gain an overview of shipping, giving them key pieces of useful information to help navigate the complex waters of the maritime industry. The course aims to educate and inform newcomers to shipping and those whose professions requires a basic knowledge of the shipping industry.

The aim will be achieved by:

  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of the commercial aspects of shipping and commercial law affecting the maritime sector.
  • Mixing academic rigor with practical experience to ensure candidates gain understanding of the industry.
  • Gaining a solid foundation of vessel types, maritime acronyms' ship management, maritime clusters, chartering, ship building, insurance, routers, hubs and the different professional and regulatory bodies.

The course is designed as a two-day online (insturctor lead) workshop.

The workshop is generally delivered over three hours per day (not including breaks).  

Who should attend?
On completion of the course, participants should have a basic understanding of the various type of ships, commonly used maritime terms, role and work of stakeholders in the maritime industry.

This will help them to feel more comfortable working in a new field and allow their employers to benefit from their increased understanding and knowledge.

Candidates who attend the Introduction to Shipping course will receive a Nautical Institute Certificate of Completion.

To attain the certificate candidates must:- 

  • Attend the course in full.