Welcome to the Ukraine Branch of The Nautical Institute!

The Branch was formed under the care of the Odessa State Maritime Academy in October 2000, and was among the first international movements to bring members of the Ukrainian (and wider Eastern European) maritime community together under a common mission to advance learning and professional development.  The following year, the Branch was registered as a national public organisation (The Nautical Institute of Ukraine), cementing its standing as the national professional body for the industry in Ukraine.

To keep members engaged, the Branch supports a series of annual meetings and events (as best it currently can), engages members in research and development priorities, and supports the publication of quarterly international members' journal Sea Review.

The Ukraine Branch is fortunate to have a stable, robust membership made up of seafarers, shoreside educators, researchers, port authorities, cadets and students.  Building on this extensive experience base, the branch membership has risen steadily from 50 (at its inception) to over 200 members today.

Please visit the Branch website to learn more.