CAN/British Columbia

Welcome to the British Columbia Branch of The Nautical Institute!

Based in and around Vancouver and Victoria, we represent the interests of members all along the Pacific NW Coast, Canadian Arctic and the Far North.

With a high proportion of members working in ice-going roles (as well as in bulk cargo, ferry and port operations) in merchant, RCN and CCG capacities, much of our interest is in promoting safe and sustainable ice-handling operations and maritime developments in the Arctic.

However, membership is open and unrestricted to all those with a keen maritime interest - whatever their background and current position in the industry - as we aim to tackle issues concerning all mariners and shoreside professionals today.


When do we meet?

Committee meetings normally take place bi-monthly on Tuesdays, either in the boardroom of the BC Ferry (17:00 sailing ex-Tsawwassen) or electronically via GoToMeeting.  While set for the Table Officers and Directors, branch members are always welcome to attend - we would love to see you.

If you have any questions please contact the Branch Secretary at

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