P&I Club Bulletins

January 2018 - The TT Club issued two TT Talk bulletins on enclosed spaces. It is a stubborn statistic in fatalities and too frequently related to multiple deaths. Enclosed or confined space risks need to be highlighted for no other reason than injuries and deaths continue to occur.
The “Enclosed Spaces on ships – identify, test & monitor” talk shows the consequences of entering an enclosed space on board a ship, as evidenced by numerous incidents, can be extremely serious and, sadly, often fatal. The “It's only a steel box” talk highlights that It may be difficult to look at a container and equate it to an enclosed or confined space. Surely, it’s only an empty steel box! So, what can be dangerous about a steel box? However, most dry freight containers have very limited ventilation, with just two small openings on the side walls.

August 2017- The Standard Club have updated their Master's Guide to Enclosed Space Entry, noting that Investigations into enclosed space-related casualties show that most are caused by poor training and knowledge of the correct entry procedures, or a disregard for them.
It is therefore vital that all seafarers are aware of the danger of enclosed spaces and learn the correct entry procedures, whether or not it is a requirement of their role on board. Seafarers must understand that no enclosed space should be entered without following proper precautions, even in an emergency.

April 2016- The North of England P&I club have re-issued their LP Briefing on Enclosed Spaces to provide yet another reminder about the correct procedures which must be followed before entering an enclosed space to be sure of coming out alive

March 2016 - The UK P&I Club Consolidated Risk Focus 2016 contains section "Enclosed Spaces" pages 3-8.

February 2016 - The Skuld P&I Club warns masters to pay particular attention to the transportation of zinc concentrate and the safety requirements for entry into enclosed spaces.  

The Swedish Club Loss Prevention has published an article "The risk of Enclosed Space Incidences: How to understand and detect gases, new mandatory regulation in 2016" by Consultant Scientist Dr. Wesley Tucker .

The Shipowners Club have revised and updated their "Enclosed Space Entry Booklet" as people are still losing their lives by not following procedures properly.

January 2016 - Swedish Club Monthly Safety Scenario highlights a fatal fall in an enclosed space. 

January 2015- SKULD P&I   issued an advisory on "MANDATORY DRILLS FOR ENTRY INTO ENCLOSED SPACES" 

February 2013 - UK P&I Club issued LP Bulletin 869 - Entry into Enclosed Spaces.