Casualty Management

Expand your understanding of the casualty management process and gain practical knowledge with The Nautical Institutes’ Casualty Management online course.

Casualties are not straightforward and mariners who find themselves involved in them rarely have previous experience. The Nautical Institutes’ Casualty Management course will help candidates expand their practical knowledge on casualty management and will give an insight into operational issues related to casualty management. The course covers accidents, emergency response plans, legal frameworks, the roles of different persons within incidences and the legal aspects relating to existing international legislation. 

Who is the course aimed at? 

Senior professionals of the maritime community ranging from shore based consultants, sailing Masters, Superintendents, Fleet Managers, DPA and anyone managing casualties.

What can participants expect to take away from this course?

At the end of this course, participants will be able to distinguish between the roles and responsibilities of ship Masters, ship owners, insurance, P&I clubs, flag and coastal states, salvors, and an understanding of the impact of modern communications and media on managing a casualty today.  

The course will use a combination of presentations, case studies, group discussions and videos. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of national and international legal frameworks as well as theoretical, operational and practical solutions in managing various casualty scenarios. 

Course outline

The casualty management online course covers the below topics in detail:

  • Accidents/Incident response
  • Legal frameworks
  • The roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders involved in the casualty management process
  • The role of communication and technology
  • Sharing first hand experience of some of the key persons directly involved in a casualty

Meet your Instructor

Captain Sarabjit Butalia FNI
Captain Sarabjit Butalia FNI

Short course instructor

Captain Sarabjit Butalia FNI is a Nautical Institute Fellow who specialises in maritime education and training. Captain Butalia has years of experience as an onboard assessor, has an MSc in Maritime Affairs from the World Maritime University, Malmö. He designs and develops safety modules and training programmes based on need analysis to enhance skills and efficiency.
Captain Jasprit Singh Chawla
Captain Jasprit Singh Chawla

Expert Speaker

Born in Dehradun in the foothills of Himalayas, Captain Chawla went to sea as a deck cadet in 1990, working his way up to Captain of a VLCC (very large crude carrier).

Captain Chawla was Master of the crude tanker Hebei Spirit when it was hit by a heavy lift crane barge while anchored off the Korean coast. With all satellite communication cut off, he was left in charge to handle the whole situation, including dealing with hostile shore authorities and the very real problem of criminalisation. Following the incident, it took a legal battle of 18 months in the Korean Court before Captain Chawla to be released, of which 36 days were spent in prison.

Captain Chawla would like to share his experience and will join us as a guest speaker on our Casualty Management online course.