Advanced Certificate

As a first line manager, or aspiring first line manager, one of your key responsibilities is, or will be, motivation of the team. The Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Management from The NI Academy will help you achieve this and much more...

The course is designed for candidates to explore motivation and performance. By looking at the behavioural characteristics of well-motivated employees, participants are encouraged to consider how to increase motivation. There will be opportunity for participants to consider what demotivates people and how they might prevent or reduce de-motivators in the workplace. The course goes on to take an indepth overview of equality and diversity in the workplace, and into how to recognise and manage conflict and stress aboard and ashore. 

Course Aims and Objectives

Designed to develop and explore ideas of motivation, performance, diversity, inclusivity, conflict and stress management. This advanced levels contains several modules all of which were created to develop:  

  • Knowledge and understanding of motivation theory and how it can be applied in the workplace to improve performance as required by a practising or potential first line manager.
  • Knowledge of evaluation and how to influence the management of equality and diversity law, legislation and internal policies within own area of responsibility.
  • Knowledge and understanding of managing conflict and supporting individuals as required by a practising or potential first line manager.
  • Knowledge and understanding of managing stress in self and others as required by a practising or potential first line manager

By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Define the term motivation
  • Describe the factors that may affect motivation levels in the workplace
  • Explain how individual differences affect levels of motivation and explain the potential impact on organisational performance if employee motivation levels are low
  • Describe a recognised theory of motivation
  • Describe ways in which knowledge of a theory of motivation can be used to improve performance in the workplace
  • Explain how to use employee engagement to increase motivation levels
  • Explain the implications of the legal requirements for equality and diversity on own area of responsibility
  • Evaluate own organisation’s policies and procedures relating to equality and diversity
  • Evaluate the organisation’s implementation of equality and diversity legal requirements and internal policies
  • Make recommendations for improving the management of equality and diversity in own area of responsibility
  • Describe how a manager could promote a positive atmosphere in order to minimise the adverse effects of conflict
  • Explain any recognised technique a manager could use to minimise and resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Identify causes of conflict and explain the effects of conflict on individual and team performance at work
  • Examine the causes and impact of stress in the organisation
  • Describe the symptoms of stress in self and others
  • Explain a practical stress management technique
  • Describe management responsibilities and actions in relation to work-related stress in the team
  • Explain how and when to provide advice, mentoring or counselling to support individuals in the workplace


Total Hours

The below timetable details the general expected course schedule:

Day One Day Two Day Three Day Four  Day Five
(4 hours)
(4 hours)
(4 hours)
(4 hours)
(4 hours)
Workshop Workshop Workshop Tutor time  
4 hours 4 hours 4 hours 2 hours  

Induction: one hour
Teacher contact: 20 hours (lead by Tutor)
Workshop contact: 13 hours (lead by Mentor)
Self-directed: seven hours

Qualification total time: 41 hours

Scheme of work

Course modules:

Module 001 Motivating and improving performance at sea/ashore
Module 002 Managing equality and diversity at sea/ashore - WORKSHOP
Module 003 Understanding conflict management at sea/ashore.
Module 004  Understanding stress management at sea/ashore


Additional modules - Certificate to Diploma

Additional modules:

Module 005 Leading and motivating a team at sea and ashore
Module 006 Understanding mental health at sea and ashore