LNG Bunkering: Respond Level Training

Increasing numbers of ships are now using LNG as a bunker fuel in order to meet the low sulphur targets required by MARPOL Annex VI. Those involved in the bunkering process will need specialised training to ensure trouble free bunkering procedures.

Personnel on board or in ports where such bunkering operations take place will also need to understand the hazards associated with LNG bunkering and training in how to respond to emergency situations. The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF) has defined this category as a Respond Level and this course is based on the SGMF Competency and Assessment Guidelines.

The aims of this training package are to ensure that the user is trained within the SGMF Guidelines and to provide a record of this training. The course can be used on board ship or ashore and is designed for individual self-study.

This programme:

  • Describes the composition and usage of LNG and potential bunkering methods
  • Explains what the hazards are and their consequences for the individual and the ship
  • Describes the relevant procedures for fighting LNG fires
  • Specifies the other emergency procedures that shipping companies and port authorities must put in place 

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