ISO 14001

In recent years, environmental awareness has grown significantly. Many major companies have responded by establishing an environmental policy and implementing programmes to minimise the impact of their operations on the planet. However, as green issues have attracted more attention, it has become apparent that businesses must show just how effective they are in meeting their stated environmental targets. For this reason, companies are increasingly adopting ISO 14001 to demonstrate and verify their green credentials.

The aim of the course is for candidates to develop a knowledge of the principles of environmental management, environmental aspects, impacts & pollution and environmental control and documentation. It is expected that candidates will become familiar with an initial environmental review, environmental policy, environmental objectives and targets. On completion of this course you will receive documentary evidence from Ocean TG powered by Videotel.

What will you learn?
• Demonstrate knowledge of the principals of environmental management
• Describe Environmental Aspects and Impacts and demonstrate knowledge of legislation used to control pollution from ships
• Describe the process undertaken to carry out an initial environmental review used to establish the environmental policy
•Describe the factors in setting environmental objectives and targets
•Demonstrate knowledge of environmental control and documentation

Who is this for?
•Deck - Management
•Deck - Operational
•Deck - Support Engine
- Management Engine
- Operational Engine
- Support Catering
​​​​​​​- Shorebased Personnel

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