Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum Oslo

06 Jun 2019 12:00AM - 12:00AM Nesgata 1, 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway Partner Event

Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum Oslo

6 June 2019

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The VPO Forum at Nor-Shipping will look at the latest practise and methods optimising vessel performance with the help of digital technology.  

Our morning session reviews how shipping companies are improving fleet performance overall, with talks from Nordic Tankers, Solvang, Höegh Autoliners. We have a review of using machine learning to improve vessel performance from Greensteam and advice from RINA about what data driven fleet performance management looks like.  

In the afternoon we'll get more into equipment, with a talk on how to optimise maintenance schedules for best performance from the senior VP maritime with seismic operator PGS. We'll discuss computer simulation to optimise propeller design, and better ways to gather, communicate and use data from machinery while the vessel is in operation.    -

Speakers Include:

  • Conference Chairman: Jakob Petersen, Director, Vessel Performance Solutions
  • Egill Eide, Fleet Performance Manager, Nordic Tankers
  • Per Øyvind  Nedrebø, Performance and QA Manager, Solvang ASA
  • Christian J. Dahll, Head of Voyage Management, Höegh Autoliners
  • Jonas S. Fredriksen, Head of Performance Management, GreenSteam
  • Alessandro Pescetto, Director Marine Digital & Innovation, RINA
  • Harold Sundby, Senior Vice President Maritime, PGS
  • Stefan Goranov, Senior Project Manager, Hybridisation, WinGD
  • Dr.-Ing. Lars Greitsch, Managing Director, Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH
  • Daniel Jacobsen, Co-founder and machine learning expert, GreenSteam
  • Roberto Coustas, CEO, DeepSea Technologies


Thon Hotel Arena

Nesgata 1, 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway

Conference room: Jan Mayen 2


No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.