NW England and N Wales Branch - ECDIS and Subsea Cables

22 Apr 2021 11:00AM - 12:00PM Zoom Branch UK/NW England & N Wales

Speaker: Captain Daniel Millett AFNI
A topical case study
Thursday 22nd April 2021 starting at 1100BST via Zoom

The first subsea cable was laid across the English Channel more than 200 years ago. Since that time they’ve become indispensable and it’s now estimated that some 97% of global communication relies on them. Underlining their crucial significance, particularly to the financial world, are the statistics that 15 million transactions totalling US$10 trillion dollars are made daily*. Damage to these essential arteries of modern life is potentially catastrophic to nation states across the world. Through this fascinating webinar which will focus on this vital topic, Captain Millett will allow us a glimpse of some of the operational and practical challenges that he comes across reviewing ECDIS cases in preparation for litigation cases while working for P&I insurers and marine law firms.  

Daniel joined Brookes Bell in 2014 and became a Senior Master Mariner in 2019. He sailed as Master on a fleet of deep-sea ro-ro vessels, carrying containers, break bulk and standard/heavy tracked ro-ro cargoes. Daniel carries out survey and opinion-based work, specialising in ro-ro and container stowage and securing; ECDIS, VDR and AIS analysis of collisions and groundings and hold cleaning.

This hugely topical webinar will appeal to all Navigators, Masters and Port Managers – don’t miss it!

*Source: HFW (2020). Offshore. Subsea Cable Damage Clams: The Legal Approach. HFW.com