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Privacy Policy

The Nautical Institute is a not-for-profit professional maritime membership body (charity number: 1002462).

The Institute takes your privacy extremely seriously and we are committed to treating any information we may collect from you in a sensitive and respectful manner.

Please note that we may record calls for training and monitoring purposes.

The Nautical Institute has two published apps - The Navigator, our thrice-yearly magazine for professional marine navigators, and Seaways, our monthly journal for Nautical Institute members. 

PageSuite, the publisher of the Institute's apps, uses a UDID collection service for all its iOS Dynamic apps. All data collected in this way is kept completely anonymous.   

Advertising programmes 
From time to time the Institute runs advertising programs that allow third parties such as Google, Twitter and Facebook to use cookies and other data to serve adverts that the Institute believes may be of interest to those viewing them.

You can find out more about Google's use of cookies (including how to opt-out) by visiting Google's Ads Help Page. You can adjust the extent to which your data is available to advertisers using Facebook by logging in to your personal Facebook account and clicking on 'Settings' and then on 'Adverts'. You may also wish to opt out of Twitter's use of cookies by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance's consumer choice tool or through following Twitter's own recommended procedures. You can view Twitter's ad policies here.  

If you would like your email address to be removed from any encrypted data the Institute might upload to online advertising platforms - or have any other concerns about how your data is being processed by the Institute - then please email us at Thank you.

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