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Shiphandling Logbook

Shiphandling Logbook

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978 1 906915 63 6
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 This addition to the Institute’s suite of logbooks allows mariners to record and reflect on the shiphandling manoeuvres they carry out, either on board ship or on simulators. For each activity, the mariner risk-assesses and describes the manoeuvre, noting details such as wind and current, pivot point propulsion and rudder. Space is provided for the Master or instructor to comment on how they felt the manoeuvre was conducted and for the mariner’s own reflections about the activity. These details build over time into a comprehensive resource that highlights progress, learning points and gaps in experience that need to be filled. For the aspiring mariner, it also acts as valuable proof of professional development to senior officers, company, flag state and insurers. The logbook can be used by mariners at all levels working aboard ships in any trade.

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