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Integrated Bridge Systems Vol 2: ECDIS and Positioning

Integrated Bridge Systems Vol 2: ECDIS and Positioning

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978 1 906915 11 7
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If you have little or no knowledge of electronic charts, this is a must-read. If you have some knowledge, the book will improve your understanding and approach to the use of electronic charts. If you have good knowledge, the book’s approach will make you think a little harder as to how ECDIS can improve standards of navigation. Written especially for mariners this is guidance on how to develop the new mindset needed to use ECDIS safely and effectively. Over 100 full colour illustrations. Reprinted 2013.

"Just received my copy of ECDIS and Positioning. Thanks for putting this on the street; it is a much needed piece. My conversations in the wheelhouse reflect the general unfamiliarity with all the acronyms and jargon."
Captain Jorge Viso, FNI

“As a master mariner who graduated in the early 1990s, I feel that the two Integrated Bridge Systems books, Radar and AIS and ECDIS and Positioning, are very interesting and instructive. I have been searching for books like this for years. During my education, GPS was in its infancy and AIS and ECDIS were not in the syllabus at all. This has resulted in gaps in my knowledge and I’m very happy plugging those gaps by reading these books.”
Robert Bodin, Kullavik, Sweden

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