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The concept of the confidential alerting and reporting scheme is to assist in accident prevention. By sharing your experiences with other maritime professionals anonymously reproduced in SEAWAYS, you can help them to avoid similar situations.

We want to hear about any unsafe practices, dangerous occurrences, personal accidents, near miss situations or equipment failures which you have experienced, and any methods you have adopted to prevent repetitions. Within the context of ship operations, the scheme is unlimited, international in outlook, and open to commercial, naval, fishing and pleasure users.

We can assure you that all reports sent in will be treated in the strictest confidence and stored temporarily on the Institute’s server for back-up purposes. Providing they meet the above criteria, we will publish, anonymously, as many as possible in SEAWAYS, the journal of the Nautical Institute.

Any original written report will be destroyed prior to publication or, if not published, sent back to the author.

Please complete the MARS Report Form (or your own report) and send by email to the Editor at:

Or send to:

MARS Editor – Confidential

The Nautical Institute
202 Lambeth Road