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201809 Defective lifejacket lights

Edited from US Coast Guard Safety Alert 09-17

Several sources have indicated that the water activated flashing lifejacket light on Alcares models Jack A1-ALK and Jack ARH-ALK may have operational problems before their advertised expiration dates. Inspections have discovered over 3,000 such lights with leaky batteries (see photo). Additionally, some had incorrect battery expiration labels.

The US Coast Guard recommends that lifejackets with lights, especially those with automatic lights, be stored in environments where temperature and humidity are controlled. Visual inspections and tests must be conducted in accordance with vessel carriage requirements and manufacturer manuals. Vessel owners/operators should check their lifejacket lights to verify that they are operational at the nearest opportunity.  

Lessons learned
- Check your lifesaving equipment as if your life depended on it. It does.
- Correct storage conditions for lifesaving equipment are crucial to ensure longevity and operational readiness.