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  1. Lifeboat on-load hooks; problem solved - or is it?

    Article in Seaways (May 2011) by Harry Gale FNI on the outcome of the DE subcommittee meeting on 'measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats'

  1. Incidents with lifeboat lowering devices

    MARS report on recent lifeboat incidents in fleet

  1. Lifeboat release gear

    Letter from Capt Peter Donoclift FNi commenting on Brian Johnson's article "Lifeboat release gear" in Seaways September 2008.

  1. Lifeboat release gear

    Article in Seaways (Sept 2008) by Capt Brian Johnson FNI proposing a design for a positively loaded releasable lifeboat hook and system

  1. Lifeboat safety solutions - DE51 outcome

    Short article on the outcome of DE51 sub-committee meeting on "Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats"

  1. A Lifeboat Solution

    Letter from Captain Peter Donoclift FNI (March 2008) on a proposed solution to the problem of on-load lifeboat release hooks

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