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Seaways Articles & Letters

Lifeboat on-load hooks; problem solved - or is it? (May 2011)
Article by Harry Gale FNI on the outcome of the DE subcommittee meeting on 'measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats'

Incidents with lifeboat lowering devices - MARS Report 201126 - Several incidents involving the lifeboat lowering device have been reported by vessels in our fleet

Lifeboat release gear (October 2008) - Letter from Capt Peter Donoclift FNI commenting on Brian Johnson's article "Lifeboat release gear" in Seaways September 2008

Lifeboat release gear(September 2008) - Article by Capt Brian Johnson FNI proposing a design for a positively loaded releasable lifeboat hook and system

Lifeboat safety solutions - DE51 outcome (April 2008) - Short article on the outcome of DE51 sub-committee meeting on "Measures to prevent accidents with lifeboats"

A Lifeboat Solution (March 2008) - Letter from Captain Peter Donoclift FNI on a proposed solution to the problem of on-load lifeboat release hooks

Operating Lifeboats (March 2008) - Captain's Column by Captain D A Gibson AFRIN MNI describes the experience of operating lifeboats on board ship

Lifeboat training kit (March 2008) - Letter from Capt Shridhar Nivas MNI proposing training kit be provided by manufacturers

Lifeboat safety solutions - a unified industry report (March 2008) - Article by Harry Gale, NI Technical Manager on the Industry Lifeboat Group proposals on lifeboat safety and the document 'Measures to Prevent Accidents with Lifeboats', to be presented to IMO

The Lifeboat Imbroglio (March 2008) - Article by Capt Paul Drouin MNI on the confusiing cases of lifeboat release mechanisms and/or their operating instructions.

Lifeboat safety (March 2008) - Report of a technical meeting of the UAE branch on lifeboat safety held in January 2008

Safe boats need safe people (April 2007) - Article by David Bradley IEng, MIET, Managing Director, Umoe Schat-Harding Ltd,

Dangerous lifeboats (October 2006) - Letters from Capt Peter Donoclift FNI, C A Jones MNI and Capt Kim Mockett MNI commenting on Dennis Barber's article "Dangerous lifeboats - a race to oblivion?"

Dangerous Lifeboats - a race to oblivion (August 2006) - Article by Capt Dennis Barber FNI