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Flag State Circulars

Bahamas Maritime Authority - SAFETY ALERT No 17-14 June 2017. Unexpected release of starboard lifeboat. While swinging out the starboard lifeboat, the lifeboat disengaged from the aft fall hook without any warning. The lifeboat hook did not open, instead the master link pulled clear through the gate on the on-load release gear resulting in the lifeboat falling heavily.

MGN 560 - October 2016 - Life-Saving Appliances - Lifeboats, Rescue Boats, Launching Appliances, Winches and On-load Release Gear - Operational and Test Procedures
This Marine Guidance Note compiles current guidance on the safe servicing, testing maintenance and drilling of lifeboats. It replaces MSN1803 (M) and accounts for MCA policy from September 2015. This Notice provides an explanation of how the MCA applies to UK ships the provisions of International Maritime Organization (IMO), Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Circular 1206/Revision 1, Measures to Prevent Accidents with Lifeboats.

Bahamas Maritime Authority - TECHNICAL ALERT No.16-38  - August 2016 -TALON II Lifeboat On Load Release Systems has been issued to highlight a manufacturing defect identified on Hyundai Lifeboat “TALON II 4.0” on load release hooks during a Port State Control (PSC) inspection that resulted in the detention of a Bahamian Ship

MGN 540 - October 2015 - Lifeboats and Rescue Boats - Fitting of 'Fall Preventer Devices' to Reduce the Danger of Accidental Hook Release
The MCA strongly urges that all UK vessels fitted with lifeboat on load release systems should be equipped with fall preventer devices (FPD) pending the evaluation of the systems for compliance with the requirements of the revised LSA Code.
This notice is applicable to davit launched lifeboats fitted with on load release hooks and any similar on load release systems if fitted to rescue boats . FPDs should be fitted in accordance with MSC.1/Circ.1327 ‘Guidelines for the fitting and use of fall preventer devices (FPDs)’ and MSC.1/Circ.1466 ‘Unified Interpretation on Fall Preventer Devices’

Bahamas Maritime Authority - Information Bulletin 117 - January 2013 - Use of Fall Preventer Devices (FPDs)
This Bulletin is intended to support existing BMA advice and guidance issued relating to enhancing the safety of personnel when using lifeboats which feature on-load release gear.

Danish Maritime Authority - Guidance no. 5 of 22 November 2002 - Guidance on safety during abandon ship drills and fire drills on board ships
The purpose of this guidance is to provide advice and instructions that may help prevent accidents during drills.