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Ice Navigator Training and Certification Scheme

The Scheme is designed to complement IMO’s Polar Code, but the content is not restricted to the Polar regions, and it expands on the minimum requirements of STCW. The focus is on actual shiphandling and operation of vessels in ice-covered waters worldwide.
The Scheme is open to those who hold, or are studying towards, a deck officer qualification awarded by a White List administration. Participants must demonstrate practical competence on board and in simulator exercises, and show a thorough understanding of ice regimes, including ice physics, operations in sea ice, hazards, search and rescue and weather.

Details of the scheme - fees, training centres, training standard, guidance and FAQs - are available HERE

Award of an NI Ice Navigator Level 1 or Level 2 certificate means the officer will possess an internationally recognised qualification, valid for five years, demonstrating they have the competence and confidence to navigate safely in ice anywhere within the limits of their CoC.

July 2017 Seaways article The Ice Navigator Scheme explained by Susan Stiles

Watch the introductory video below: