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Ice Navigation

January 2016 - USCG Policy Letter -  "Guidelines for Training of Personnel On Ships Subject to the International Code for Ships Operating In Polar Waters"
This policy letter provides guidance for the training of certain personnel engaged on ships that operate in ana area subject to the Polar Code. The Coast Guard will ues this policy as a guide to help ensure personnel engaged on ships subject to the Polar Code are trained in a manner that provides a level of safety, taking into accountthe challenges specific to the unique polar environment.

August 2012 - Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters is published by the Canadian Coast Guard in collaboration with Transport Canada Marine Safety, the Canadian Ice Service of Environment Canada and the Canadian Hydrographic Service of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. The publication is intended to assist ships operating in ice in all Canadian waters, including the Arctic. This document will provide Masters and watchkeeping crew of vessels transiting Canadian ice-covered waters with the necessary understanding of the regulations, shipping support services, hazards and navigation techniques in ice.
Download Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters HERE

April 2009 - There is still no common agreed standard that we should hold mariners to for ice navigation skills, There remains a plethora of varying ideas about what is required, whether it should be mandatory or recommended, or even what someone who has some additional skills should be called. Read Capt David 'Duke' Snider's article on Ice Navigation Standards HERE

Capt David 'Duke' Snider on the Ice Navigator project

To view in full screen mode simply click on the four white outward pointing arrows at the bottom right of the video.