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Ice Navigator

‘The navigation of the Polar seas, which is peculiar, requires in a particular manner, an extensive knowledge of the nature, properties and usual motions of the ice, and it can only be performed to the best advantage by those who have long experience with working a ship in ice conditions:’ 
Captain William Scoresby, The Arctic Regions and the Northern Whale Fishery, 1820

Ice Navigator articles by Capt Duke Snider FNI:
April 2009 - Ice Navigation Standards
October 2013 - Ice Navigator Part 1 - Life aboard an Arctic Research Vessel
November 2013 - Ice Navigator Part 2 - Life aboard an Arctic Research Vessel
January 2017 - The Polar Code - What does it all mean?
October 2017 - Ice, experience and competence

July 2017 - The Nautical Institute Ice Navigator Scheme explained by Susan Stiles