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Seaways Articles

Investigating for Fatigue - Captain Paul Drouin AFNI July 2013

Alternative watchkeeping - Captain Nick Nash, FRIN, FGRS, FNI - November 2010
Too few good men - Capt Ivo Jutrovic MNI - July 2009
Health and safe shipping - Dr Mohammed Zakaria, Director, Central Health Establishments, Ministry of Health, Pakistan - February 2009

Fatigue - two watch ships - London Branch Technical Meeting - January 2009. See also presentations on London Branch website

Manning and fatigue - Captain Michael Lloyd FNI - July 2008

Sleepy watchkeepers? - The experience of officers on Swedish cargo ships - November 2007

Alert! 13 - Time to wake up to the consequences of Fatigue - Jan 2007
                               Link to Alert! Website

Fatigue and ISM - Feb 2007
Article by Dr Phil Anderson BA(Hons),DProf, MEWI,AMAE, FNI
The ISM Code does not contain a single reference to ‘fatigue’ or ‘excessive work’ or ‘lack of rest’ or ‘work-related stress’ or indeed anything so specific least not explicitly.

Seafarer fatigue - the Cardiff research programme - January 2007

Fatigue at sea - India South Branch seminar report - January 2007

Stress and fatigue - Solent branch seminar report - December 2006

Stress and fatigue - Captain Nicholas Cooper FNI November 2006
Safe manning - reducing fatigue - Capt Len Holder MPhil, FRIN, FNI, November 2006
Manning and fatigue - issues for the IMO - David Patraiko BSc, MBA, FNI - August 2006

Fatigue: IMO Guidance: mitigation and management March 2006
Extract from MSC/Circ.1014 - Guidance on Fatigue Mitigation and Management

Minimum Manning Levels - Why they aren't working - March 2006
Arthur Bowring, BSc, FNI, Managing Director, Hong Kong Shipowners Association

Fatigue onboard - March 2006
Raising awareness: The Nautical Institute reporting plan - David Patraiko BSc, MBA, FNI

Fatigue and Jetlag - November 2003
Kapila Malawwethanthri BSc
In search of sound sleep