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Fatigue Research

January 2018 CHIRP Maritime - have released of a booklet and accompanying video on “Perception, Decision Making and Fatigue at Sea”.
This work is a summary of findings and recommendations in collaboration with the Arts & Sciences, and Neuroscience Departments at University College London. The report includes recommendations important for seafarers, managers and maritime regulators. It illustrates how the eyes work with the brain. Giving attention to “What and Where”: The “What” delivers information on detail and colour. Whilst the “Where” system works better in dim light using peripheral vision, and is better adapted to transient event moments, such as moving objects. But “What and Where” use different parts of the brain – so they can’t both be at peak performance at the same time!

The report can be downloaded HERE and the accompanying video can be viewed HERE

Project MARTHA
The three-year MARTHA research project into seafarer fatigue concluded in 2016, and the final report was presented to delegates at the IMO's human element, training and watchkeeping committee on 30 January 2017.

The study found that fatigue can result in long-term physical and mental health issues and individual motivation decreases over the length of the voyage. It also highlighted that night watchkeepers get significantly less total sleep than others onboard, and that Masters suffer more stress and fatigue than their crews.

Fatigue - Can we measure it? 
Paper by Dr. (Capt) Nalaka Jayakody AFNI, Director - Administration / Development, CINEC Maritime Campus, Sri Lanka. October 2012

European Commission - Study on health and safety aspects of working time - December 2010
Factors contributing to fatigue and its frequency
in bridge work
- AIB Finland 2008

Fatigue at Sea - A Field Study in Swedish Shipping

Margareta Lützhöft, BirgittaThorslund, Albert Kircher,Mats Gillberg - 2007
Project Horizon Report 2012

Research into the effects of sleepiness on the cognitive performance of maritime watchkeepers under different watch patterns, using ships’ bridge, engine and liquid cargo handling simulators

Seafarer fatigue - Where next? - ITF - a summary document based on recent research from the Centre
for Occupational and Health Psychology, Cardiff University
Fatigue at Sea
Cardiff University  30 minute documentary film exploring aspects of Seafarers' Fatigue
Seafarer Fatigue: The Cardiff Research Programme
Andy Smith, Paul Allen and Emma Wadsworth, Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology, Cardiff University     November 2006



Project MARTHA Cover