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Regulations & Guidance

December 2016 - ILA-USMX Joint Safety Committee: OSH Circular 2016-12 Enclosed/Confined Space Testing Before Entry

June 2013 - IMO Resolution 350 (92) amendment to SOLAS 1974 (As amended) to include enclosed space entry and rescue drills

November 2011 - IMO Resolution A.1050(27) Revised recommendations for entering enclosed spaces on board ships. The objective of these recommendations is to encourage the adoption of safety procedures aimed at preventing casualties to ships' personnel entering enclosed spaces where there may be an oxygen-deficient, oxygen-enriched, flammable and/or toxic atmosphere.

ICS Guidance on enclosed space entry and rescue, includes background information on the hazards and potential atmospheres that might accumulate in such spaces. It contains specific advice on pre-entry procedures, entry into and work in enclosed spaces, and emergency rescue.

  MNTB Entry into Enclosed Spaces July 2010

 April 2007IACS Confined Space Safe Practice