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London Branch - Seminar - September 2013

London Conference Slide 

“Preventing deaths in enclosed spaces is a serious issue. It is a deadly serious issue, and one which the marine industry has to come to grips with,” said David Patraiko, The Nautical Institute’s Director of Projects, summing up at the end of the day of education, awareness and training around enclosed space incidents held by The Nautical Institute’s London Branch. More than 100 people from all branches of the shipping and offshore industry attended the event at North West Kent College, held in conjunction with Mines Rescue Marine on 11 September 2013 as part of London International Shipping Week.

After a morning of presentations outlining the scale and scope of the issues, the afternoon was devoted to finding practical solutions; starting with the possibilities for dynamic training that is more likely to be memorable and effective. Michael Lloyd and Adam Allan from Mines Rescue Marine outlined a system for the management of enclosed spaces that uses risk assessment to develop a ‘traffic light’ system making it clear what precautions are needed when entering any given space on a ship. Finally, a simulated rescue carried out by Mines Rescue Marine demonstrated the sheer difficulty of reaching and rescuing people who have become trapped in enclosed spaces – and the need for the right equipment to do so.

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  Steve Clinch, Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents, MAIB - Entry into Enclosed Spaces - An Overview

  Allan Graveson, Senior National Secretary, Nautilus International - The Seafarer's Final frontier

  Rob Purkis, Safety Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping, - the Owners View

  Carl Durow, Loss Prevention Manager, London P&I Club - Ship Inspections and Claims

  Andy Mitchel, RTI Ltd - the accident that should never have happened

  James Henton, Survey Procedures Manager, Lloyds Register - entry, occupation and exit

  Jack Hatcher, Solicitor, Hill Dickinson Solicitors - the legal implications

  Raal Harris, Multi Media and Digital Manager, Videotel - training materials

  Mines Rescue Marine - Enclosed Space Management System

Photographs of the Live Demonstration by Mines Rescue Marine

  Live Demonstration 2  Live Demonstration 3

Live Demonstration 4  Live Demonstration 5

Live Demonstration 6  Live Demonstration 7

Live Demonstration 8