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October 2017 IMO Sub Committee III issued circular III.2/Circ.2 on action to be taken by Port States on the required updates of ECDIS

September 2017 - to assist PCOs and Ship staff, IHO have issued a guidance document Information on IHO Standards related to ENC and ECDIS. This document details the changes introduced in the set of revised IHO standards that relate to the carriage and operation of ECDIS

July 2017 The US Coast Guard has updated its electronic chart policy to ensure shipowners, managers and operators have the correct guidance for bridge operations. It is intended to provide operational guidance for Coast Guard personnel. It represents the Coast Guard's current thinking on this topic and may assist industry, mariners, the general public, and the Coast Guard, as well as other Federal and state regulators, in applying statutory and regulatory requirements.

May 2017 AMSA - Marine Notice 7/2017 Guidance on ECDIS for ships .calling at Australian Ports.
This Marine Notice highlights areas relevant to the safe and proper operation of ECDIS for ships visiting Australian ports. It also provides information on AMSA’s expectations for ECDIS compliance during port State control (PSC) inspections