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  1. IHO Catalogue on ECDIS

    Maintain an updated IHO catalogue installed on ECDIS

  1. Autoload/Autoscale Function

    Autoload chart as largest scale for vessels position

  1. Depth Alarm Soundings

    Shallow water pattern is displayed according with the open water contours setting, even if the ship is navigating in reltively deep waters

  1. Display of Isolated Dangers and Soundings

    A recent software update on our ECDIS has revealed a change in the way isolated dangers are indicated.

  1. ENC Display

    "What percentage of time should we have an ENC displayed on an ECDIS, 100% or just as required?"

  1. Small Screen; Missing Symbology

    Amount of information crowded into the small screen & Prohibited anchorage symbology for boundary missing crossed anchor symbols

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