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  1. Nova Cura

    Digital navigation: old skills in new technology. Lessons from the grounding of the Nova Cura April 2016. This Dutch Safety Board report draws attention to the functionalities of ECDIS and that the modernity of ECDIS obscures the fact that the system may be reliant on ENCs with a very low level of reliability. Checking the CATZOC and the pick reports is therefore key to safe navigation.

  1. Ovit

    Failure to properly use ECDIS - lesson to learn in relation to ECDIS training and familiarisation. Poor passage planning - not checked by Master; safety parameters not set; audible alarms inoperative

  1. CSL Thames

    Safety contour alarm inoperative; lack of knowledge of master and officers

  1. Beluga Revolution

    Primary navigation was by paper charts, but only small scale in use. Passage planning did not notice proximity of course to Tench Island. Monitoring of passage carried out on ECS - only fitted with Raster charts, consequently no look ahead or anti-grounding alarms generated.

  1. Sichem Osprey

    Navigating using paper charts, with the passage being monitored on ECS. No cross-checking of planned route.

  1. LT Cortesia

    The vessel was equipped with an ECDIS, but since no officially approved chart data was installed in vector format (ENCs), the system only had the status of an ECS which does not comply with the carriage requirements under SOLAS.

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